High ethics part of everyday business

Lifco’s culture and work environment are made up of how each and every one of us acts, talks and behaves, every day and with that in mind, we have set up the Lifco Code of Conduct defining the basic requirements we place on our employees, board members, officers, consultants and others working on Lifco’s behalf – including suppliers and other third party intermediaries, to the extent specifically stated. The Code of Conduct is based on our policies and our core values Respect for Others, Openness and Pragmatism. We expect everyone of the above mentioned to know and follow our Code of Conduct as a natural part of the employment, engagement and/or contract with Lifco.

Download Lifco’s Code of Conduct

Our core values – Respect for others, Openness, Pragmatism

It is essential to the success of our decentralised business model that the Group has a clear and shared view of how to run a sustainable business. Our daily interactions with colleagues, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders are characterized by our three core values.

Respect for others

In all our dealings with customers, employees and other partners, we need to respect the people we interact with as being of equal value regardless of their sex, gender identity or expression, ethnic background, faith, functional variation, sexual orientation, age, nationality, political opinion, trade union membership, status, social background, language, state of health or family matters. This means that we need to exert ourselves to listen to and respect each individual’s opinion, even if we do not share it.


It is of the utmost that we create an atmosphere in which people dare to be open. To achieve this, we need to openly acknowledge our mistakes. It is natural for human beings to make mistakes.


We should strive to make the best possible decision in each situation. Our decisions must be based exclusively on facts, without preconceptions. Decisions must not be influenced by prejudices, convictions or pride.