Our history dates back to 1946

In 1946, the Swedish country councils founded a central purchasing entity for medical equipment and services. In the 90’s the company went through a number of changes in ownership as well as name. In 1993 the company was acquired by its management team and the venture capital company Procuritas. The entity was named Lifco AB and became the parent company of today’s Lifco Group.

Lifco was a division in the public company Getinge Group from 1995 to 1998. In 1998 the ownership of Lifco was distributed to the shareholders of Getinge as a consequence of a change in Getinge’s strategic direction.

Carl Bennet AB, majority owner of Getinge Group, became majority owner of Lifco in conjunction with the listing in 1998. In 2000, Carl Bennet AB concluded that Lifco was in need of restructuring and would develop more favorably as a non-listed company. Thus Lifco became a wholly-owned subsidiary to Carl Bennet AB.

In 2001, Lifco set focus on distribution of dental products. As a consequence, Lifco divested its operations in health and self-care which represented 40% of total sales.

Sixty years after its foundation, in 2006, Lifco acquired its sister company Sorb Industri AB, a diversified industrial company also owned by Carl Bennet AB. That became the start of a successful business expansion. Sales grew by 12.6% and EBITA by 16.8% year 2006-2014. In November 2014, Carl Bennet AB sold 49.9% of the shares in a public offering. Lifco was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm main list November 21, 2014.